Where to get a totally naked massage?

It is rare to find a therapeutic massage with no draping, however, there are places throughout the country where you can get a nude massage that is non-sexual. Before I go on, however, please keep in mind that this article is about therapeutic massage therapy only – no happy ending massage – no sexual services of any kind. If you are looking for a “massage” with a happy ending there are lots of places to go (just take your antibiotics first).

First, do not go to your local day spa and ask the massage therapist to do the massage without draping the first time you visit. It doesn’t matter if “you are hot”, if “you are a nudist”, or whatever. It is inappropriate to ask for a nude massage from a massage therapist that you are seeing for the first time. If you are a male seeing a female massage therapist she will automatically assume (usually correctly) that you just want to expose yourself for sexual gratification. If you are a female seeing a male he will worry about liability and false allocations from you at a later time. If you are seeing a therapist of the same sex you have a better chance of getting your naked massage, but you still should not ask during the first visit.

What you can do is broach the subject with your regular massage therapist. If you have visited the therapist multiple times, have always behaved professionally, and have good intentions, feel free to ask. Explain why you don’t like draping and ask if she can give you a therapeutic massage without draping. Most likely the answer will be no, however, that is not necessarily the case. Unfortunately, local and state laws sometimes prohibit massage without draping and some therapists feel that it is unethical even if it is legal. You need to respect the therapist’s wishes in this matter.

On the flip side there are a number of people who feel that nudity is no big deal and that you should be able to get a massage any way you wish. Several modalities of massage lend themselves to total nudity including Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage and Esalen massage. Lomi Lomi for example is traditionally done with the absolute minimal draping to begin with so if the transition to total nudity is not so drastic. Even if you cannot find your naked massage you may be happy with a lomi lomi massage as it is done without all of that tucking and tying that probably annoys you. It is also frequently done without breast covering as the ancient Hawaiian’s where not worried about covering their breast like us modern day Americans.

Now if you really want a nude massage and are totally upstanding, try a nudist resort. There are nudist resorts all over the country and they often offer massage therapy which is usually done nude (since you are naked anyway at the resort). Nudist resorts have strict guidelines to keep out the gawkers and trouble makers so make sure your intentions are wholesome. However, if you want to experience a wholesome naturist environment that may include nude swimming, sun tanning, and a massage that is the way to go. For more information on nudist resorts visit the American Association of Nude Recreation Web Site at www.aanr.com.


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